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Elite Marketing Class|Product is the biggest marketing




Duan Rongbin tutor in the course said: "the product is 1, the rest is 0 business back to the essence of a good product, to create value for the user".

More to tell you: "the essence of marketing is human nature, is the same product to sell different differences".

In the competitive market environment, the relationship between products and marketing is becoming increasingly close. In order to stand out in the market, we need to understand human nature, take the product as the cornerstone, and skillfully use marketing tools to maximize the value of the product. Duan Rongbin will reveal the intrinsic connection between product and marketing, and help you open the door to successful marketing.

After Duan Rongbin's passionate explanation, we understand the following key points:

1️⃣4P marketing theory: how product, price, channel and promotion interact with each other, and how to use them to develop effective marketing strategies. 4P is the foundation for building a marketing plan, and is the first step to success.

2️⃣ The Core Components of New Marketing: the ever-evolving field of marketing and the core components of new marketing, including digital marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing, and how to incorporate them into a marketing strategy to meet the challenges of the modern marketplace.

3️⃣ Product IP-ization: how product IP-ization is a way to give products more uniqueness, appeal and recognition.

4️⃣ Value is the Kernel of Communication: Understand how to highlight the value of a product in communication and how to communicate the features and benefits of a product to customers to build a strong brand image.

5️⃣ Scenarios connecting products and users: understand how to connect with users in different scenarios to fulfill their needs. Create emotions and experiences for the user related to the product from their perspective.

6️⃣ Communications as Interactive Triggers: understand the interactive nature of modern marketing and how to create meaningful interactions with customers to drive brand success. Communication is no longer a one-way street, but a two-way process.

1, the product is the cornerstone of marketing

1. The product is a tool to meet the needs: consumers buy products to meet their own needs. Only products with practical value can stand firm in the market, so the product itself must attract attention.

2. Product quality determines the reputation: quality products will bring good reputation for the brand, thus attracting more consumers. Poor quality products will only damage the brand's reputation.

3. Product innovation to lead the market: through continuous product innovation, companies can provide consumers with better solutions to lead the market trend.


2, the essence of marketing is human nature

1. Satisfy human needs: Consumers are usually influenced by emotional factors in the purchasing process. Companies need to understand consumers' inner needs and satisfy their pursuit of security, socialization, respect and self-realization.

2. Emotional connection: Through touching brand stories, unique brand image and consistent brand voice, establish an emotional bond with consumers and cultivate their loyalty to the brand.

3. Communication with the times: With the rise of new media, the way consumers receive information is also changing. Enterprises need to follow the trend of the times, the use of diversified communication methods, the product information effectively conveyed to the target consumers.


3. Integration of marketing and products

1. Product Positioning: Clear product positioning is the foundation of precision marketing. According to the needs and pain points of target consumers, design targeted product functions and features.

2. Marketing strategy: Combine the product features and develop corresponding marketing strategies. For example, differentiated marketing, bundled sales, limited time rush, etc. can be used to stimulate consumers' desire to buy.

3. Marketing communication: utilize various communication channels to deliver the advantages and value of the product to consumers. At the same time, pay attention to consumer feedback, continuously optimize the product and improve the brand image.

4.Product is the cornerstone of marketing

Summarize: products and marketing are complementary relationships, only a deep understanding of human nature, the product and marketing means of organic combination, in order to achieve long-term development of enterprises. Let us take the product as the cornerstone, insight into human nature, unlocking the successful way of marketing.

Duan Rongbin tutor's "product is the biggest marketing" course not only summarizes the essence of sales, but also combined with their own experience to share a lot of sales experience. All of us have gained a lot from the brainstorming on this course.

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